8 Hour
Anger, Parenting or Violence Prevention Class

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Time flexibility - We have several different programs to meet your needs.

Geographic flexibility - We are available where ever you have internet access.

Students feel more comfortable -  Our online environment is less intimidating.

Classes are technologically advanced - The instructor can easily program
                                                                       learning aids into the courses.
Cost Savings - Our Virtural Classroom gives you more assistance for less money.
Why Take classes online?
Why Choose Online Classes?

■ You are Tired of Suffering
■ Improve Relationship Skills
■ Group and One-on-One Formats
■ We Come to Where You Are
■ Certified and Approved Classes
■ Affordable and User Friendly
■ Developed by Experts
■ Guaranteed Email & Phone Support
■ Free Certificate Verification
■ Classes are More Convenient
■ Court Ordered Classes Work
■ Satisfy a Court, Legal or Employment Requirement

                               Available in all 50 U.S. States
                              Canada and Abroad

Getting Started is Easy
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We can come to you!
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Online Anger Management, Parenting & Domestic Violence Prevention Classes and more...
Court Ordered Class 1
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Anger Management Class 1
"United by Humanity helped us with parenting classes when we needed it the most. Their unique classroom saved our marriage..."
Alex & Linda Ackerman, Indiana
"After doing something I will always regret, I was directed to take court ordered classes. Jennie helped me wake back up inside and get my life back ontrack..."
Jesus Rosa, Texas
"Expressing myself with anger and feeling insecure inside was how I lived for so-long. Jennie showed me how to be a loving and kind human being again... THANK YOU!"
Cathy Lorence-Bowen, New York
"I was grateful to find a program that I could attend in the comfort of my own home. This allowed me the opportunity to talk about the domestic violence I caused. I may not have discussed this in a room full of straingers..."
Mark Redman, Ohio
"After losing both of our jobs when the company we worked for closed down our family was devestated. Jennie helped us get through a very difficult time in our lives due to anger management issues. If you have ever thought about getting help Jennie is the place to go..."
Susan & Thomas Doyle, Colorado
Many Other Classes To Choose From
Including Court Approved Classes
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4 Hour Class 
Anger Mgmt, Parenting or Violence Prevention
ONLY $69
Getting Started is Easy
*Many Other Classes To Choose From
Including Court Approved Classes
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